Following are some jobs Robots have been trained to perform within Tax:

Extracting information from systems
  • Extract book trial balance and key balances such as accruals, fixed assets, M&E or other tax sensitive accounts
Formatting and work paper creation
  • Formatting, cutting, pasting to get info ready to be entered into the tax computation system
  • Manipulating trial balances before importing into tax tool
  • Rollover balances and input into tool
Data validation and roll forwards
  • Validating information by referring to a checklist of items to ensure that the checklist is complete
  • Assuring data such as validating the book income on the M-3 equals the bok income in the equity roll-forward
  • Fixed asset or quarterly payable roll forward
Inputting data into tax systems and forms
  • Entering tax data by pushing of tax specific data from a work paper into the tax application for federal, state, international, extensions and estimates
  • Moving trial balance data from GL into tax reporting systems
  • Tax return processing
Generating reports
  • Download of specific reports at specified times and emailing them to stakeholders
  • Identify unreconciled items and send alerts
  • Checking and reconciliation of various tax balances to triage exception items for review
  • Reconciliation of balance and transactions in the finance system
Disclosures and attachments
  • Checking returns to ensure proper attachments and elections are included
Mailing and printing
  • Certified mail – complete the 3 separate forms needed and save the receipts in the correct folder
  • Create labels for mailing
  • Print, file and save the returns
  • Clearing diagnostics for eFiling
  • XML to return reconciliation
  • Print or email eFiling acceptance notification or rejections or emailing to a specified person
Saving work papers and tax returns
  • Save to designated file with correct naming convention
  • Maintain historic tax data for audit purposes

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