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​​Robotic Process Automation Implementation


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Our clients are in various stages of deploying over 2,000 Robots


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​​Robotic Process Automation

From a range of options, we help you select the most appropriate Robotic Operating Model, governance structure, change management plan and deployment strategy to support your vision.

From a range of options, we help you assess and prioritize opportunities and select the most appropriate implementation plan, including the identification, training and development of your internal resources.

From a range of RPAi partners, including IBM Watson Cognitive Services......natural language processing and artificial intelligence, CSI Machine Learning, Captricity Handwriting to Text, we provide similar guidance and hands-on support to expand the scope of work your Robots are able to do.

From a range of RPA paradigms, we help you select the most appropriate for your operation's goals and help you form a corresponding vision for your business.





​We have a large number of North American clients in the following sectors:​

Insurance                                 Banking

Financial Services                    Healthcare            

Legal                                        Finance & Accounting

Shared services                       Business Process Outsourcing 

Offices in the US and Canada   

We assist in developing your Robotic Process Automation Strategy and then help select, configure, train and sustain your Robot workforce

We are technology agnostic and configure your Robots from the technology that best fits your business needs.

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