We guide, train and support through all phases of a successful RPA and AI program implementation.

Robotics and AI implementation in North America is our sole corporate focus

Rapid, low cost, low risk, proof of concept

Rapidly achieve customer self-sufficiency

Our services include:


  • Vision – incremental or transformational
  • Paradigm – Robotics or process automation
  • Operating Model – Classic or Robotic
  • Opportunity Assessment – Simple tool and training
  • Change Management - Clear
  • Product Selection – Decision tree and guidance
  • IT Environment Provisioning – best practice guidance

Train Robots & Staff

  • Robot training – low cost, low risk, fixed price
  • Center of excellence development and training – Start with the end in mind
  • Staff training and mentoring – Product training augmented with best practice mentoring

Upskill Robots

  • Robot collaboration – with both staff and customers
  • Natural language understanding – Robots reading and acting on email, correspondence and documentation
  • Natural language processing – Robots discuss issues with staff and customers
  • Computer vision – Robots see, understand and respond
  • Machine learning – Robots learning from existing data and ongoing experience


  • Additional Robot training capacity
  • Ongoing best practice mentoring
  • Ongoing AI path guidance