Robots present a new landscape for business agility and innovation, which is accelerating as Robots acquire new cognitive and artificial intelligence capabilities. Leading businesses are applying cost savings achieved by hiring Robots to strengthening their innovation programs and accelerating new product and service offerings.

RPAi is at the leading edge of these developments and provides related insights, guidance and new capabilities to our clients as Robots evolve.


A coherent, comprehensive, well communicated plan, based on actual Robotic Process Automation deployment experience, is fundamental to risk mitigation and success. A phased implementation approach, aligned to a Robotic Process Automation adoption capability maturity model, has proven to be a prudent approach for staff and organizational adoption. Program governance by IT, HR and Operations, along with stakeholder roles and expectations, driven by executive leadership, are mandatory components.

Robotic Process Automation is a relatively new, pervasive and disruptive technology. Its differentiation from past practices and structures need to be fully appreciated and planned accordingly.

Our proven planning checklist, experience and planning approach ensures successful outcomes.

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We are technology agnostic and configure your Robots from the technology that best fits your business needs.

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Adopting Robotic Process Automation is unique in that it straddles the human computer interface realm. It is a business initiative that includes IT governance, HR staffing, team leader capacity planning and corporate culture considerations. Going forward, Robots will continue to move up the value chain as they acquire or access cognitive and artificial intelligence capabilities. 

We help you navigate these and other considerations in setting the strategic direction of your Robotic Process Automation journey. 

We apply decades of processing operations and hands-on RPA implementation experience to help your organization formulate and execute your Robotic Process Automation Vision.

We are partnered with a range of Robotic Process Automation technology providers and aligned with industry thought leaders to ensure the best solution is applied to your business needs, from one Robot in a small business environment to a full enterprise scale Robot workforce.

Our quality management system is aligned to the ISO 9001 framework and our implementation program applies Professional Project Management best practices.

We are currently implementing RPA for some of the largest banks, insurance companies, financial services companies, healthcare providers and shared services organizations in the US and Canada.

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We help select, train, employ and promote your Robot workforce

We assist in the development of your Robotic Process Automation strategy and then help select, configure, deploy and support your Robot workforce.


A Robotic Process Automation implementation is unique and requires new practices and considerations.

  • The work required to configure the Robotic Process Automation technologies into functioning Robots does not require software development skills but does include IT governance components. 
  • The benefits achieved from a few days configuring a Robot can be the same as several months of a small to medium sized IT software development project.
  • Operations team leaders need to learn new approaches for capacity planning and managing their Robots.
  • There will be opportunities for process optimization from a Robotic Process Automation perspective, however, given the low cost and speed of a Robot in comparison to a person, a normal Lean type value mapping exercise may no longer be as relevant. 

Our proven Robotic Process Automation implementation program and implementation experts are key in successfully managing through these and other complexities.


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