Whether you are starting with an individual automation project, a departmental automation plan or a corporate wide goal, it is important to start knowing the transformative potential of RPA and deciding what direction and distance you would like to travel.

Ironically, the highest potential option can be the least costly, if associated decisions are aligned and pitfalls avoided.

Note, the exponential nature of RPA and adjacent technologies is such that 12 months on the wrong path can put your organization years behind those on the optimum path.


Many product providers and consultancies bring legacy paradigms to this new space including process automation, process optimization, desktop automation, attended automation, business process outsourcing, BPM platform extension, software development and others. Beware of these; they foreshadow incremental, high cost, long timeline change and not the rapid, lower cost, transformation potential of RPA.

Operating Model

We have seen organizations approach RPA as an IT initiative and as a Business initiative and the best practice approach is clear. As one might expect from a transformative change, RPA requires a new IT/Business collaboration model, led and administered by the Business and governed by IT.

Change Management

Formulate and communicate a change management plan early and use it as a guide for opportunity prioritization and deployment planning. Don’t underestimate the concerns and intelligence of staff. Be careful with terms like digital transformation or intelligent automation when you are implementing clearly advertised Robotic Process Automation software.

Product Selection

From competing RPA product marketing materials it can be difficult to understand which product is the best choice for your organization. The answer lies more in their origins and underlying architectures than in their functionalities or market footprint. A key differentiator is also their alignment to your vision and paradigm. Beware of recording options and process machine learning options as an easy path.

Vision Content

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