Following are some jobs Robots have been trained to perform within IT:

Software installation
  • Automating the software request and approval process
  • Downloading licensed software
  • Installing approved software on designated servers and user machines
Application testing
  • Initial application performance testing
  • Collection f user feedback ratings
  • Reporting
Ongoing server application monitoring
  • Daily monitoring of server performance
  • Automating email notifications of server issues outside of pre-established parameters
  • Reporting of server performance
File management
  • Batch processing
  • Synchronizing, deleting and emptying folders
Identity access management
  • Automating user profiles and setup (including network, operating system, applications, databases, remote access)
  • Processing new and emergency user requests
  • Managing password reset process
  • Termination processing
Security monitoring
  • Technical threat and vulnerability management
  • Incident registration and reporting
  • First level incident resolution
Event management
  • Event monitoring
  • Event reporting
  • First level incident resolution
Help desk management
  • Request processing and logging
  • Automated responses to frequently asked questions
  • Automated execution of pre-approved tasks
  • Automated execution of pre-approved tasks
Automated reporting
  • Creation of standard management reports
  • Distribution of selected reports to various user groups
  • Variance calculations and reporting vs. pan data including basic explanation information
IT policy and training
  • Automation of policy distribution
  • Tracking of IT training completion and scores

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