Following are some jobs Robots have been trained to perform within Human Resources:

On boarding
  • Processing an applicant record through initial application submission through to completion of the new hire process
  • Interacting with the applicant to collect accurate and complete information throughout the on boarding process
User credential creation and system access
  • Using the new hire profile completion to trigger automated activation of user credential creation for access to all systems that the new hire will require access to.
Time report validation
  • Review employee time records on a daily basis for accuracy and completion
  • Notify employee or manager of any missing information to fix defects and maximize payroll accuracy
Employee benefit invoice reconciliation
  • Reconcile vendor invoices against employee list and payroll deductions as each invoice is sent to the benefits department
Payroll batch import and validation
  • Run standard payroll batch extracts and/or import to payroll in preparation for gross-to-net processing
  • Run standard payroll validations against data to reduce human intervention prior to gross-to-fit calculations
Employee master data
  • Fee new hires, transfers and terminations from HR module to procurement system in real time to avoid delays and/or inaccurate submissions and approval authorization.
Travel and expense management
  • Travel and expense claim processing
  • Travel and expense claim review and approval
Position management
  • Compare new hire requisition against approved position budget and headcount
  • Compare salary/hourly wage offer against requisition and/or approved budget
  • Report ongoing comp/headcount against approved budget
Learning and development administration
  • Review employee certification status against requirements
  • Notify employees, managers and compliance of certification requirements
HR spend analyses and reporting
  • Data capture and cleaning to support automated generation of reports
  • Pre-populating complex periodic reporting requirements

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