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Our ultra low cost Proof of Concept implementation is a great way to understand all of these aspects within your business context and to demonstrate to your colleagues and other stakeholders.

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We are technology agnostic and configure your Robots from the technology that best fits your business needs.

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We assist in developing your Robotic Process Automation Strategy and then help select, configure, train and sustain your Robot workforce


Robotic Process Automation

We help select, train, employ and promote your Robot workforce

​​Robotic Process Automation Implementation

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How to decide which RPA product is the best fit

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The answer can be straight forward but first you need to separate the hype from the facts, understand the various contexts, filter the spins and appreciate the different uses of the same terms.

For example:

- Products all seem to have the same functionality

- RPA vs process automation?

​- Robot vs Bot?

- Cognitive, cognition and machine learning?

- RPA vs intelligent automation?

- Desktop vs enterprise vs virtual?

- Outsourcer vs enterprise perspective?

- Which RPA strategy - process automation, bot farm, virtual workforce?

- Repatriate work?

​- Business led or IT led?

​- Technology configuration vs end use application?

- Technology proficiency vs RPA Specialist

We help you navigate these and other complexities to ensure the best decision for your organization. We are also partnered with and certified in several of the leading product providers and can sell you the software, fully implement your RPA program, train and mentor your internal RPA center of excellence or any level of support in between. This is the sole focus of our organization and our depth of expertise grows daily from our broad RPA implementation experience including some of the largest banks, insurance companies, financial services companies and healthcare providers in the US. Our ultra low cost Proof of Concept implementation reduces your risks and also helps your other stakeholders understand.