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Note, applying legacy methods to Robotics and AI implementation results in low ROI and failure to scale.

What We Do

Initially RPA software Robots can perform any on-screen, rules based work that humans can perform. From there they can also be trained to leverage AI services to:

We guide, train and support through all phases of a successful RPA and AI program implementation.


Robotics and AI implementation in North America is our sole corporate focus


Rapid, low cost, low risk, proof of concept


Rapidly achieve customer self-sufficiency

Our Services

Solutions & Focus Areas

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Processing an applicant record through initial application submission through to completion of the new hire process. Interacting with the applicant to collect accurate and complete information throughout the on boarding process

Finance & Accounting

Credit approvals and customer master file maintenance, Order processing and A/R cash receipts processing and sending late notices via email


Extract book trial balance and key balances such as accruals, fixed assets, M&E or other tax sensitive accounts

Supply Chain

Categorization and processing of spend categories to set strategy and monitor performance Create automated reporting and workbooks as key strategy inputs


Automating the software request and approval process. Downloading licensed software. Installing approved software on designated servers and user machines

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We guide, train and support through all phases of a successful RPA and AI program implementation.

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